Heather Blanchette, Ph.D.

VP, Head of Preclinical Development

Heather brings over 18 years of drug discovery experience to Jnana working in pharma and biotech on pre-clinical and clinical development programs. Prior to Jnana, Heather served as director of Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics at Nimbus Therapeutics focusing on immunology, oncology and metabolic disease. She was a member of the clinical group working on Nimbus’ allosteric ACC inhibitor for NASH, as well as the preclinical team advancing their TYK2 allosteric inhibitor and STING discovery programs. Prior to Nimbus, Heather led the DMPK group at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, a position in which she served from 2010 until the company’s acquisition by Merck in 2015. In her time at Cubist, Heather’s work focused on acute care therapies for pain and antibiotics developed for the treatment of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, including the clinical development of programs including Cubicin, and Zerbaxa and more. Heather received her bachelor’s in chemistry from the University of New Hampshire and doctorate in synthetic organic chemistry from the University of Oregon prior to joining the pharmaceutical industry.