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Abstract, glowing spiral lines of bright purple, green and blue with specks of white in circular swirls.

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The team at Jnana Therapeutics is driven by a shared purpose to deliver innovative therapies for the most challenging targets and diseases. Our name, Jnana, is a Sanskrit word meaning wisdom gained through experience. We know that it is our diverse and collective experience that will enable us to realize our vision.

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Meet our Team

Alex Fitz Associate Scientist, Computational Biology
At Jnana I have the opportunity to work on a multitude of projects and be part of an amazing team that hopes to deliver novel treatments! I am excited to come to work every day knowing that I can make a difference and be part of something that can benefit so many in need.
Anastasia Lobanova Associate Scientist, Early Discovery Biology
Jnana fosters a comfortable environment to support innovative solutions and the desire to keep learning. I am thrilled to be a part of such a dedicated group and to contribute to a development of novel therapeutics.
Andreu Viader Senior Director, Head of Pharmacology
The excitement of carrying out innovative and rigorous science that may positively impact the lives of patients with unmet medical needs, and doing so as part of a talented and passionate team is what motivates me when tackling the substantial challenges of drug discovery.
Anthony Varca Senior Scientist, Biophysics and Protein Sciences
It is incredibly inspiring to work with Jnana’s collective of talented and passionate people, who are driven to innovate and find solutions to complex problems. I’m excited to be part of a team dedicated to working on challenging targets to develop therapies for people in need of treatment options.
Aubrey Forman Research Associate I, Biology
Jnana provides a unique environment, which allows everyone to get excited about the work they do and the impact it has on patients. I am inspired working alongside others who are so passionate about their work.
Brian Danieli VP, Finance & Operations
The people and the science motivate me to come to work every day. We are a collection of bright and dedicated team players working on innovative approaches to tackling un-met medical needs. It’s a privilege to be part of this organization.
Brian Graziano Principal Scientist, Biology
At Jnana, I’m excited to work with highly motivated people having diverse areas of expertise. Everyone is deeply committed to developing new treatments that will improve patients’ lives.
Brian McMillan Director, Structural Biology & Biophysics
Jnana’s culture is a highly collaborative and empowering environment. The approach to science is ambitious and rigorous, and I’m excited to do my part in bringing breakthrough medicines to patients.
Brittany Kearns Sr Research Associate, Compound Management
I’m proud to work for a company that sets everyone up to succeed. Jnana is a group of forward thinking individuals that are all working together towards the same goal, to help those in need.
Can Özden  Scientist II, Biophysics and Protein Sciences
It is an extreme privileged experience to work with this dynamic team at Jnana. We actively engage in the development and execution of ideas, confront challenges head-on, and consistently come up with effective solutions. Each day, I am filled with excitement as I rise and eagerly make my way to work.
Caroline Stark Beer Chief Business Officer
Jnana’s foundation is a truly collaborative culture and rigorous, cutting-edge science. I am motivated by the opportunity to build on this foundation to help drive Jnana’s growth and advance impactful new medicines internally and through partnerships.
Chris Burkhart Senior Research Associate, Biology
Being a part of this team at Jnana is being a part of something bigger than yourself, at an institution where hard work translates to team success.
Claire Jackan Senior Research Associate, Chemical Biology
The welcoming and supportive culture at Jnana creates the ideal environment for both personal and company growth. Every day I am excited to work with such intelligent and passionate people, and I am continually reminded how each one of us plays an important role within the team.
Danielle Abdelahad VP, Head of People & Culture
My purpose at Jnana is to create an amazing experience for every individual who contributes their incredible knowledge, energy, and part of their lives to helping us achieve our mission. I’m thrilled to be on this journey with such a talented team.
Dan Van Kalken Senior Scientist, Chemical Biology
Jnana is filled with a tight knit group of the most innovative and inspiring group of scientists who are all driving towards the same goal of delivering novel therapies to patients in need.
Daniel Beckett Scientist II, Computational Chemistry
At Jnana I get to work on truly impactful science with passionate and intelligent people. I am excited to be a part of improving therapies across a wide range of targets previously thought to be undruggable.
Dave Rogers Manager, Accounting
I’m excited to continue to improve our reporting and provide solutions to current and future challenges in accounting and financial reporting.
Dean Brown SVP, Head of Discovery Sciences
I am inspired to be part of a team of so many talented, passionate and motivated scientists. It is an incredible motivation to know that our work will directly improve the lives of patients who currently have significant unmet health needs.
Derek Missert VP, Head of Business Development
What I find unique about Jnana is the team’s blend of humility and ambition in tackling targets that have historically been the most challenging. The willingness to embrace creativity is incredibly motivating.
Devin Diedrich Senior Research Associate, Biology
Working amongst such an inviting and passionate team, I feel motivated everyday to work to my full potential. I’m looking forward to helping Jnana reach new milestones and aid in the innovation of small molecule therapies for patients.
Dillon Patterson Scientist II, Immunology Drug Discovery
I am motivated knowing we are developing novel medicines that will deliver transformative therapies for patients.  
Doug Pagán Chief Financial & Operating Officer
Jnana’s pioneering RAPID platform applies unique chemoproteomic technologies to address previously undruggable targets. I’m looking forward to working with this exceptional team united in their mission to expand the boundaries of drug discovery and deliver transformative therapies to patients.
Elena Dobryn Senior Research Associate, Biology
Being in an environment where the common desire is to learn, share knowledge, and ultimately help patients is extremely motivating and brings meaning to my work every day.
Ellen Gold Associate Manager, People Operations & Employee Experience
My purpose at Jnana is to ensure that all employees maintain their passion for science and dedication to changing patients’ lives for the better.
Frank Wu Senior Director, Process Chemistry
I am really thrilled to join a vibrant company where the collaborative and experienced teams are doing great science to bring potentially life-saving drug development candidates into the clinic and beyond where my process and CMC expertise will play an important role in advancing the compounds into late-stage.
Geoff Gillard Senior Director, Head of Immunology
What drew me to Jnana was that which I imagine every scientist looks for: to join a diverse, ambitious, and brilliant group of scientists working organically to understand and manipulate biology in novel ways. The colleagues and the quality of the science here is top notch and I am excited every day to see what we can accomplish together—I believe what we are doing will lead to substantial advancements for patients in a variety of diseases.
George Vratsanos Chief Medical Officer
I’m inspired every day by our shared purpose at Jnana – to make a profound difference in the lives of patients who are waiting for breakthroughs.  All of us at Jnana have an urgency around that mission – to give patients their lives back – and that’s part of what makes Jnana such a special team to be part of.   When combined with our extraordinary team and science, we’re making it happen every day.
Gregory Goreczny Principal Scientist, Biology
I am excited to be part of a driven, passionate, and innovative group of scientists at the forefront of developing therapies against previously “undruggable” targets
Heather Blanchette VP, Head of Pre-Clinical Development
Everyone is passionate about developing therapies in disease areas with tremendous unmet needs. To be able to do what you love with such a high energy, devoted group of talented scientists? There’s nothing better!
Heike Wobst Associate Director, Biology
I am excited to work with this group of dedicated, passionate and creative people to tackle diseases with few or no therapeutic options. It’s this desire to help patients and their families that motivates us to work hard every day.
Hilary Szabo Senior Scientist
I like working at Jnana because it is with a team of people who I trust to deliver the highest quality data to move our programs forward.
Hyejin Park Senior Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Working at Jnana with passionate, intelligent, and driven scientists is truly inspiring. We are a highly collaborative team with a unified goal of bringing valuable therapies for the patients in need.
Isabella Feierberg Associate Director, Cheminformatics
It is inspiring to work with talented, passionate, and collaborative colleagues who go above and beyond to solve complex problems in previously undiscovered areas of biology as we seek to identify new therapies for patients in need.
Jack Barbour Senior Research Associate, Chemical Biology
Each day presents a new and exciting challenge. My motivation comes from knowing the work I do helps shape the company and points it in the right direction for the future.
Jake Baranski Director, Information Technology
My purpose here as the Director of IT is to protect Jnana’s value-generating data and infrastructure while enabling our amazing team to work without any technological barriers.
Janessa Ott Associate Scientist, Drug Discovery
The culture at Jnana is one of collaboration and innovation. Each day the team shows up motivated and ready to embrace big challenges together. I’m excited to be a part of that!
Jason Lotterhand Senior Scientist, In Vivo Biology
I’m excited to be part of such a hardworking, enthusiastic team. We all know someone who has suffered from health issues with little to no therapies available. Jnana strives to discover therapeutics for those with unmet medical needs, and I’m honored to be part of that.
Jason Marineau Senior Director, Medicinal Chemistry
I’m excited by the opportunity to work with such an innovative team and leverage our platform to unlock some of the most challenging targets.  This will enable us to deliver powerful new therapies to patients in need.
Joanne Kotz, Ph.D. Chief Executive Officer
I am inspired each day by the Jnana team, who each bring tremendous energy to our shared mission of developing new medicines for patients.
Joel Barrish Cofounder
Jnana provides the opportunity to work for patients on such a rich class of druggable targets, which is both exciting and humbling.
John Malona Senior Director, Medicinal Chemistry
We all have had family and friends afflicted by disease, and seeing firsthand the shortcomings of even the most current therapeutic options reassures what we’re doing here is necessary and will be valued by patients who struggle to find relief.
John Throup SVP, Head of Development
The most meaningful part of my work at Jnana is harnessing science to benefit patients.
Josh Stams Research Associate II
What keeps me motivated in my role is the amazing group of people we have at Jnana and the knowledge that my work here could lead to treatments that improve lives.
Josh Zweig Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
The Jnana culture is centered around utilizing everyone’s skill as best as possible to provide drugs to patients who need them urgently.
Justin Rettenmaier VP, Head of Early Discovery
We wash dishes together — there’s no such thing as managers and subordinates, we have teams with co-leaders. Everyone is pulling their own weight.
Kenneth Lind Senior Director, Head of Chemical Computing Sciences
Great people, great culture, great science! What more can you ask for? It’s a pleasure coming to work every day to solve challenging problems and hunt for new medicines.
Kevin O’Rourke Senior Research Associate, Chemical Biology
The most meaningful part of my work at Jnana is the knowledge that every task, however minor or major, is ultimately directed at developing effective treatments for patients in need.
Lacey James Senior Executive Assistant
Jnana is a team of uniquely skilled individuals who work collaboratively to solve complicated problems. Everyone is driven by our mission and is humble and passionate.
Lara Gechijian Associate Director, Biology
What I love about Jnana is that it has a unique environment where people from different scientific and business backgrounds come together to solve complex, biological questions to make a difference in the lives of patients.
Lea Rosskamp Senior Scientist, Biology
I love coming to work every day because I am inspired by the people I work with and the science. I’m motivated to help develop medicine that will one day improve the lives of patients.
Lella Wake Senior Research Associate, Biology
Jnana is a wonderful group of people who are setting a bar of excellence and urgency in our work. I’m excited to continue to grow with such a supportive and conscientious team.
Leslie Conway NCD Informatics and Data Manager
To me, the most meaningful part of my work at Jnana is knowing that the science I contribute to each day brings us one step closer to helping patients in need.
Long Nguyen Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
Jnana for me is a group of exceptionally talented people working to provide new therapies for patients in need. The collaborative environment and drive to innovate both inspires and motivates me.
Maggie Alter Research Associate II, Chemical Biology
I am excited to be part of such a motivated team where all of us have an important role in discovery and advancing therapies for patients.
Mandy Darby Executive Assistant, R&D
The Jnana company culture is one of innovation, connection, and collaboration. The true reward is being able to show up as my true self and feeling so supported by my colleagues. Everyone is always willing to roll their sleeves up and jump right in.
Matt Labenski Sr. Dir, Head of Chemical Bio & Proteomics
I’m inspired by this challenging journey to build novel platforms for patients and their families who are in desperate need of treatments to improve their quality of life.
Maureen Dillon Senior Director, Project Management
I am excited to be part of Jnana where people are called on to share their experiences and work collaboratively to make robust, fit-for-purpose, and practical decisions. As Jnana’s lead project manager, I hope to support this amazing company culture as we inevitably grow.
Meghan Ahern Associate Scientist, Early Discovery Biology
Jnana’s culture supports innovative and collaborative scientists with the goal of helping patients in need. I am excited to be part of a team dedicated to good science and helping people.
Michael Grillo Senior Scientist, Biophysics and Protein Sciences
I’m motivated by the talented and collaborative team here at Jnana that is devoted to addressing unmet medical needs with high quality and impactful science.
Mitch Antalek Scientist II, Chemical Biology
From day one I could feel a very real sense of urgency at Jnana – urgency to understand the complex science behind SLCs and bring needed therapies to patients. I feel proud to be a part of such a driven team.
Molly Friedman Senior Research Associate, Biology
To me, the most meaningful part of my work at Jnana is knowing what I do daily will make a difference for humanity. I am privileged to be at Jnana Therapeutics steering towards innovative scientific truth.
Patrick Rudak Senior Scientist, Biology
The culture here at Jnana is one of unity, diligence, and collaboration. I’m grateful to be among a team of scientists devoted to unlocking the full potential of SLCs as therapeutic targets.
Randy Vinas Associate Scientist, Biology
The culture here at Jnana is something every company should strive for. The environment here is collaborative, innovative, and compassionate, which only motivates me more every day to come in and contribute to my best ability.
Rebecca Shawgo Director, Alliance Management & Project Management
The excitement and creativity of our internal and collaboration teams to tackle big challenges is amazing.
Rob Mathis Principal Scientist, Computational Biology
Jnana is filled with enthusiastic, driven individuals who strongly value each other. This is a place where you can comfortably take risks and grow.
Roo St Pierre Principal Scientist, Early Discovery Biology
To me, Jnana embodies unparalleled expertise from a compassionate and innovative group of individuals driven to discover and advance technology that saves lives.
Ryan Hollibaugh Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
It is a joy to work with the talented, motivated team here at Jnana. The collaborative environment inspires me to take on challenging problems, knowing that the whole team is behind me.
Ryan Philbin Senior Research Associate, Mass Spectrometry
Knowing that the work we do here could lead to novel treatments or cures for serious disease is a strong motivator for me. Being able to contribute to a project that can improve the lives of patients is extremely rewarding.
Samantha Pike Senior Research Associate, Biology
I go to work every day knowing that what I do will someday help improve peoples’ lives. Whenever I’m scientifically challenged, remembering that alone is enough to help me persevere.
Sasha Oliveira Senior Research Associate, Chemical Biology
Every person here is invested and engaged with the work we are doing. It’s inspiring to be part of such a passionate and intelligent team!
Shiying Chen Senior Director, DMPK
I am excited to work with a group of highly talented and dedicated people to discover and develop medicines that help patients with unmet medical needs.
Susan Cantin Associate Director, In Vivo Biology
I love that I get to work with such a talented team to do innovative science and build towards transformative new therapies for patients
Tamanna Asarpota Senior Research Associate, Biology
The atmosphere at Jnana exemplifies the forefront of innovation. Cross-functional collaboration feels organic and everyone is so passionate about the work they are doing. That’s what makes it so exciting to be here.
Taylor Didawick Research Associate II, Biology
At Jnana, every individual has an unwavering commitment to our patient population. I am inspired every day by the passion & innovation of my team members and can’t wait to continue growing alongside them.
Ted English Vice President, Corporate Controller
I enjoy the dynamic, vibrant atmosphere that exists at Jnana.
Thierry Musy-Verdel Senior Director, Contracts Counsel
Jnana’s culture embodies transparency, integrity, and accountability, propelling the team towards a shared drive to identify small molecules for hard to drug targets. This is what makes collaborating with my colleagues worthwhile!
Toby Vaughn VP, Clinical Operations
I was attracted to Jnana by the passion and enthusiasm of the scientists here who work so collaboratively every day to discover new therapeutics to treat disease. I am humbled to have the opportunity to take their work forward into the clinic, assisted by an amazing clinical development team, with the hope that those discoveries will improve quality of life and even save lives.
Yannik Dumas Principal Scientist, Biology
Jnana is driven by excellence and compassion. We develop new therapies and unleash the potential of SLCs as therapeutic targets. Together, we foray into uncharted territories, and I found here a sense of fellowship and a mission. It’s a journey and a humbling experience for me.
Zhao Kang Associate Research Fellow, Early Discovery Chemistry
I strongly value our commitment to expanding the boundaries of drug discovery by opening SLC transporters as a therapeutic target class to discover critically needed therapies for patients. I’m proud to be part of a team that clearly enjoys working together to reach this goal.

Working at Jnana

through purpose.
White icon of a human figure lifting a heart on one arm and a vial on the other, enclosed in a pink circular outline.
Drug discovery and development is not for the faint of heart. We are relentlessly focused on our mission and fueled by the possibilities we see. You will be surrounded by the brightest minds and a team who shares your passion for bringing current and future innovations to patients.
Fueled by our
collective wisdom.
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We value diverse perspectives because we know that we accomplish more together than we ever could alone. You will experience an intellectually stimulating environment where all ideas are cultivated to drive innovation and exponentially accelerate impact.
A place where
you belong.
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Our goal is to set our team up for success by removing barriers and investing in the well-being, development, and support of each individual. You will be met with competitive benefits, perks, and an individualized employee experience.

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