RAPID Platform

Jnana has built a next generation chemoproteomic drug discovery platform for difficult-to-drug targets, including SLC transporters.

Reactive Affinity Probe Interaction Discovery (RAPID) is a proprietary ligand discovery platform that is carried out in live cells and enables the identification of chemical starting points for programs within weeks.

RAPID is a ‘plug-and-play’ technology that identifies binders irrespective of the fold or function of the target protein, delivering high quality, chemical matter for targets of interest. RAPID is ideally suited for hard-to-drug targets including SLC transporters which are highly diverse based on structure and cellular location, often difficult to express and purify, are not readily amenable to biophysical methods, and may have no known ligands.

Because RAPID identifies small molecules based only on their ability to bind the protein, it provides an unbiased approach for tackling challenging SLC targets. Binders are valuable due to their unexpected pharmacology, including effects on the network of SLC interactions, post-translational modifications, sub-cellular localization, or half-life – in addition to the canonical inhibition of substrate transport. (Schreiber, Israel J. Chem., 2019)

The RAPID platform is based on three core capabilities:

Jnana platform

Jnana is using our RAPID platform to advance drug-discovery programs in our internal pipeline and in collaborations with biopharma partners to systematically target SLC transporters and other hard-to-drug targets and develop small molecule therapeutics to treat a wide range of diseases.

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