Jnana \jə’nänə\ A Sanskrit word meaning knowledge that is recognized when experienced; knowledge that is inseparable from the total experience of reality. 

Jnana was founded by leading academic scientists, drug developers and investors to develop medicines that transform the lives of patients by targeting the cell’s metabolic gates. 

We are passionate about leaving a legacy of healthy people, who as a result of breakthrough medicines lead transformed lives. We are building a company committed to innovative science, rigorous drug development, developing a bold team, and a constant appreciation for the privilege to serve society by developing medicines.  

Jnana is building the first drug discovery platform dedicated to SLC transporters.

Our Science


The solute carrier (SLC) family of metabolite transporters is an ancient membrane protein family that provides cells with knowledge about their environment. Metabolites are critical mediators of cellular communication, and SLC transporters are the cell’s metabolic gates, controlling the movement of metabolites in and out of cells and organelles.

Metabolite homeostasis is often dysregulated in disease, and human biology points to SLC transporters as avenues to treat many, if not most, indications. A handful of SLCs are targeted by current medicines, such as the serotonin transporter by the antidepressant selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). However, the vast majority of the more than 400-member family remains unexplored.

Jnana is building the first drug discovery platform dedicated to SLC transporters. Jnana’s proprietary chemistry and biology platform allows the company to rapidly and comprehensively address therapeutic targets across the SLC transporter family.

The company is focusing on immunometabolism, lysosomal function, and mucosal defense, important disease pathways where SLC transporters provide novel targets for immuno-oncology, inflammatory disorders, and neurological diseases.