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Senior Scientist / Principal Scientist (Immunology Drug Discovery)

Jnana Therapeutics is a biotechnology company utilizing a next generation chemoproteomic platform to address well-validated but hard-to-drug targets, including the solute carrier (SLC) family of metabolite transporters. Jnana is focused on developing best-in-class therapies to treat a wide range of diseases, including immune-mediated, neurological and metabolite-dependent diseases. Headquartered in Boston, Jnana is founded by world-renowned scientists and backed by leading life science investors. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter and on LinkedIn.


You are a highly experienced cellular/molecular biologist, a creative and collaborative individual with a strong enthusiasm for experimental research in Immunology.  You have a proven track record operating through ambiguity, and exploration of novel biology though the application of state-of-art molecular and chemical biology techniques as well as pharmacological interrogation.  Prior experience working with primary human immune cells is essential.  You will employ state-of-the-art functional genomics tools, to interrogate novel immune biology and perform mechanistic studies to support the execution of new Drug Discovery programs.  You have experience in translating experimental and novel research findings into a clear truth seeking Drug Discovery strategy; an ability to articulate the opportunity against an awareness of unresolved uncertainty, confidence in rationale and therapeutic differentiation for the treatment of severe inflammatory as well as autoimmune diseases.

You have advanced knowledge of the application of the principles of pharmacology to the Drug Discovery process.  You have led Discovery programs from idea conception through to at least a Lead Optimization transition point.  You have experience of screening funnel assembly and execution, the importance and input of different discipline functions (Med Chem, ADME, non-clinical, etc), continuing interrogation of target biology to support confidence in rationale/safety as well as building a strong translational package.

A strong desire to learn in a growth environment is essential.  Jnana is committed to the training and development of our talent. You will have a track record of team working and exceptional collaborative endeavor as well as excellent communication skills.  You are scientifically curious, treat opportunity and challenges with equal vigor and contribute beyond your precise role description.  This is an outstanding opportunity for a passionate scientist, to apply their drug hunting skills while contributing to bringing new classes of medicines to patients.


  • Execution of de novo Drug Discovery programs, supporting validation of novel target concepts through pre-clinical in vitro proof-of principle studies, screening funnel development, in vivo assessment etc to identification of development candidates
  • Leverage extensive lab automation to improve quality, efficiency, and overall productivity
  • Drive scientific and technical innovations to enhance functional capability and productivity
  • Strategic prioritization of programs with respect opportunity, risk and resource bandwidth; ability to operate across scientific disciplines on multiple projects
  • Development and execution of relevant functional assays
  • Training and supervision of junior research scientists, review of data & analysis, experimental planning
  • Closely collaborate with internal as well as external teams, leveraging the broad insight and experience from Jnana
  • Internal target champion, maintaining most up-to-date thinking and appreciation of scientific literature
  • Represent Biology team in multi-disciplinary project teams to provide robust scientific and technical support; presentation at senior leadership meetings (internal/external)
  • Maintain a safe and productive laboratory environment.


  • PhD in Immunology, Cell Biology or relevant adjacent discipline
  • Minimum of 3 years independent research in an academic or Drug Discovery setting
  • Have led or minimally been an integral part of at least 1 Drug Discovery programme in a Pharma setting – strong credentials in decision making, problem solving, critical thinking
  • Track record of publication and presentation
  • Relevant knowledge of mechanistic pharmacology and bioassay development, and strong expertise in SAR support for drug discovery
  • Skilled in the design and execution of biochemical and functional cell assays, using a wide range of modern technologies and detection methods
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience with automated liquid handling instruments (Tecan, Biotek, Echo, etc.) and integrated robotic systems for assay operation
  • Proven record of success in leveraging biochemical and cell assays for compound screening, pharmacological characterization, and lead optimization
  • Expertise in state-of-the art molecular and computational biology techniques, including RNA-seq, CRISPR knock out, etc
  • Experience with mentoring and developing others
  • Evidence of critical decision making

To apply, please email [email protected] or fill out the form directly through our website.


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