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Scientist/Senior Scientist in Cellular Assay Development

Jnana Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on modulating cellular metabolism by opening the solute carrier (SLC) family of metabolite transporters as a target class to develop transformational therapeutics. Jnana uses RAPID, its proprietary, cell-based drug discovery platform to systematically target SLC transporters and develop best-in-class therapies to treat a wide range of diseases, including immune-mediated, neurological and metabolite-dependent diseases. Headquartered in Boston, Jnana is founded by world-renowned scientists and backed by leading life science investors. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter and on LinkedIn.


Jnana therapeutics is seeking a molecular and cell biology specialist to support our expanding portfolio.  A passion for science, overcoming scientific challenges and leveraging your talents and experience to enable drug discovery programs is a must.

Our ideal candidate has a track record of designing and implementing novel cell-based assays based on a range of detection technologies. The candidate must demonstrate experience overcoming challenges in cell line engineering to deliver robust and reproducible assays that enable small-molecule or genetic screens. The candidate is well-versed in vector selection, construct design/engineering, and a range of gene delivery technologies (transfection, transduction, electroporation).

Experience with medium- to high-throughput screening is a plus. Candidate will have access to medium- throughput flow cytometry (BD Celesta), automated fluorescence microscopy (Nikon Ti2), and the opportunity to implement their assays in-house in collaboration with our high-throughput screening group.

Level and responsibilities will be scaled to experience. We seek the best candidate and will create an environment that allows them to fully realize their potential.


  • PhD in Biology, Biochemistry, or Chemical Biology or BS/MA with significant relevant experience.
  • A track record of experience overcoming challenges in cell engineering and assay development to deliver high-quality assays supporting small-molecule or genetic screens
  • Independently motivated, team focused, innovative


To apply, please email or fill out the form directly through our website.

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