Functional Genomics/Cell Biologist (Senior/Principal Scientist Level)

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Jnana Therapeutics is an exciting startup focused on modulating the SLC family of metabolite transporters in key disease pathways using a novel drug discovery platform. The company is focused on inflammatory bowel disease, disorders of immunometabolism including cancers, and neurological disorders – areas where we believe drugging SLC transporters will provide effective medicines for diseases of high unmet need.


We are seeking an expert in functional genomics with a passion for identifying and validating new drug targets, focused on characterizing SLCs that regulate key metabolic pathways important in disease. You will design cell-based assays and execute pooled or arrayed genetic screens that nominate SLC targets for pathways of interest. You will also be responsible for validating screening hits in orthogonal cellular systems and characterization of the mechanism of action. In turn you will prepare designated targets for screening against the proprietary Jnana small molecule platform, through contributing to their progression to full drug discovery programs.

We value scientific rigor and intensity, but we are equally committed to building a fun and collaborative team.


  • Implementation of the appropriate gene perturbation technology for a screen, including pooled lentiviral CRISPR screening (KO, CRISPRa, or CRISPRi), arrayed Cas9::sgRNA RNP delivery using synthetic guides, siRNA, or lentiviral shRNA.
  • Initiate and develop assays for above screens and downstream validation of hits.
  • Ability to generate and experimentally validate drug target hypotheses, with a deep mechanistic understanding of the target in disease pathways of interest. You will be supported by the full range of technical expertise found within Jnana.
  • Presentation of results to the team, leadership, and Board members regularly with full transparency
  • Using excellent scientific and personal communication skills to work cross-functionally internally and externally with collaborators
  • Deep knowledge of the scientific literature, attendance at scientific conferences, and application of external insights to internal drug discovery programs


  • PhD and 3+ years of postdoc experience; industry/biotech experience is desirable but not necessary.
  • Deep technical expertise is essential. Prior experience designing robust cell-based assays and executing functional genomics screens in mammalian cells is required.
  • Experience in immunology, oncology, gut biology, or neuroscience preferred but not essential.
  • An understanding of the small-molecule drug discovery process and the fundamentals of pharmacology is desirable.
  • A publication record demonstrating a track record in functional genomics that exemplifies an ability to translate screening hits into mechanism.
  • Creative and collaborative researcher with strong team working skills and ability to thrive in a dynamic and entrepreneurial early-stage environment. Need to have urgency to translate data into approaches for new medicines.

To apply, please email jobs@jnanatx.com or fill out the form directly through our website.