Cheminformatics and Data Scientist (Senior/Principal Scientist Level)

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Jnana Therapeutics is an exciting startup focused on modulating the SLC family of metabolite transporters in key disease pathways using a novel drug discovery platform. The company is focused on inflammatory bowel diseases, disorders of immunometabolism, and neurological disorders – areas where we believe drugging SLC transporters will provide effective medicines for diseases of high unmet need.


Cheminformatics is a core drug discovery discipline that is essential to effectively assimilate and leverage large chemical and biological datasets. Jnana seeks an enthusiastic and collaborative cheminformatics and data analytics scientist to help develop our SLC drug discovery platform.


  • Create novel cheminformatics platforms that leverage internal and external datasets (including biological screening data, chemoproteomics and metabolomics) to enhance and accelerate SLC drug discovery
  • Develop cheminformatics tools and user interfaces for broad data access and utilization
  • Work effectively in a multidisciplinary group to further develop Jnana’s transporter expertise


  • PhD in cheminformatics or related discipline(≥2 years post-doctorate experience is desirable)
  • Broad experience in cheminformatics techniques (including database design, data analysis, mining and visualization) that has delivered impactful solutions
  • Collaborative researcher with strong team working skills
  • Pharmaceutical industry experience desirable
  • Experience of chemical space analysis, chemogenomics, HTS data analysis, computational chemistry and proteomic data analytics are desirable

To apply, please email jobs@jnanatx.com or fill out the form directly through our website.