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Jnana is expanding the boundaries of drug discovery by opening SLC transporters as a therapeutic target class.
Emerging target class
At Jnana, we are pioneering the development of small molecule drugs that target the SLC (solute carrier) family of metabolite transporters, which are key regulators of cellular metabolism. By building the first drug discovery platform targeting SLC transporters, Jnana is opening a broad, innovative approach for modulating cellular metabolism to treat a range of diseases.
Fundamental biology
SLC transporters are a large family of proteins that serve as the cellular gateways for controlling the movement of hundreds of metabolites – the chemical building blocks and nutrients essential for life. SLC transporters are an untapped class of transmembrane proteins that ensure metabolites are in the right cell in the right organ at the right time, which is crucial for health and often dysregulated in disease.
Proprietary platform
We have built RAPID, a cell-based drug discovery platform that comprehensively interrogates SLCs and enables us to identify small molecule modulators to treat a range of diseases.
Pipeline and partners
Using RAPID, we have built a pipeline of programs to address immune-mediated and metabolite-dependent diseases, where the metabolite concentration provides a clear translational path to the clinic. We are developing SLC transporter-targeted therapeutics internally, as well as with biopharma partners.
Expert, collaborative team
We are building a company where all employees are empowered to contribute and work together to make breakthrough therapeutics. We are strengthened by our world-renowned scientific founders and the backing of leading life science investors.

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Jul 21, 2020

Right time, right team to open up an emerging class of drug targets

By Joanne Kotz (CEO) and Joel Barrish (CSO)

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